Men's Hair System Cut-in Video

HowTo cut & style men’s hair systems? This new men’s hair system is a non-surgical hair replacement for male hair loss Dallas DFW, TX: Style & cut-in men’s human hair system video, no hairpiece or toupee look.

New men’s hair system best style & cut-in

Today, new trendy hairstyles are in for men’s hair replacement systems. Nu Hair of Texas offers a video of a non-surgical hair replacement attachment, cut-in, and style. Watch this best hair system for men’s hair loss, no toupee or hairpiece look. Most importantly, you will love it too. Nu Hair systems are perfectly natural and easily affordable. Wearing one of our hair replacements for men means that it’s invisible to others.

Nu Hair Systems For Men Are The Best Hair Replacement Systems

  • Nondetectable hairline units
  • Natural-looking hair system for any lifestyle
  • The new hairline of just hair
  • Styling freedom of having full hair, including hair back styles
  • Quality & beautiful 100% human hair
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and great-looking hair systems
  • An undetectable, healthy head of hair that looks and feels like your very own
  • Real clients. Real results.
Men's Hair Replacement System for Hair Loss in Dallas, DFW, TX

*Photos are our Transitions members’ & Nu Hair of Texas hair restoration results of nonsurgical hair replacement systems. Real Clients. Real Results.

#1 Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System in Dallas, TX

Firstly, Nu Hair systems replace bald or thinning hair areas without hair transplant surgeries. Secondly, our non-surgical hair replacement work for men and women of all ages. Indeed, John resolved his hair loss by choosing a non-surgical human hair replacement system. His hairstyle is perfect for today’s stylish look. Watch the video of how we style men’s hair systems to look natural and contemporary.

New Hairstyle Fade Pompadour Back Comb Cut

Today, non-surgical hair replacements for men and women of all ages are popular. Nu Hair replacement system is perfect for getting a new stylish look. Get short and shaved sides for the optimum haircut. This hairstyle is a reminder of being young again. Further, with the incredible versatility of Nu Hair replacement, you can style your hair any way you want. With semi-permeant attachment, it’s fast, easy, and secure. So, enjoy your new experiences with our men’s hair systems and be open to endless possibilities.

Custom Hair System Order or Stock Hairpieces

Moreover, get your best hair restoration near you at Nu Hair of Texas in North Dallas. You may order custom hairpieces or choose stock units that we customize for you on-site. Stock hair systems have shorter delivery times and lower costs. We customize the units to your measurements and match the closest colors to your hair. Our stock hair systems for men come in various base materials: lace, skin, poly, or a combination. 

Indeed, one size doesn’t always fit all. A custom hair system offers a perfect fit for your head from a template and hair samples. You get exact color matching to your existing hair, with a choice of unique designs, hair density, lengths, colors, wave, and textures. 

How long do male hair systems last?

Your hair system can last anywhere from 2 to 12 months, depending on the unit’s use, hair system maintenance, and care. 

How much do men’s hair systems cost?

You can also get your trendy & stylish hair back for a reasonable price at our Dallas hair restoration center. Prices start from $900 and go up depending on the hair quality, hair density, base material, and other inputs. For custom hair replacement units, prices start at $1500 and up depending on many variables.

Men’s Hair Systems Service in Dallas

Finally, our men’s hair replacement service is pain-free hair replacement attachment. Your customized reattachment is, most importantly, a non-invasive solution with comfort. Nu Hair replacement salon is near you in Dallas, Texas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd. 

Let's Get Hair

We invite you to schedule a private, no-obligation, and “no pressure” consultation at our North Dallas center.

Nu Hair of TX is a specialty hair replacement center for men and women’s hair loss. And it is located in Dallas, Texas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd.

Call 972-490-7766.

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