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Dallas Hair Restoration. Men & women experiencing thinning hair restore their hair growth with MEp90 laser in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Laser Hair Restoration FDA Clinical Data Review

Dallas Hair Restoration. Hair loss to hair growth, hair restoration but without hair transplant surgery. Men & women experiencing thinning hair restore their hair growth with MEp90 laser in Dallas-Fort Worth. FDA clinical data study review of the MEp90 laser hair growth treatments Dallas, TX.

Do lasers therapy regrows hair? Does laser therapy help with thinning hair? Dallas Fort Worth hair restoration clinic reviews the data results of laser hair regrowth results. Low-level laser therapy refers to as cold laser therapy. Nu Hair of Texas offers MEp90 laser hair restoration therapy, an FDA-approved medical hair regrowth treatment device. Utilizing the advanced MEp90 laser hair treatment system is the first FDA approved a medical device for pattern hair loss, androgenetic alopecia to regrow hair.

MEp90 Hair Growth FDA Control Study

The FDA studies with medical professionals indicate that hair restoration with MEp90 laser did result in hair regrowth in patients suffering pattern hair loss. Furthermore, laser therapy is a non-surgical hair restoration, not a hair transplant treatment, to restore hair follicles growth. Moreover, many hair transplant doctors use laser hair therapy to help newly transplanted hair grow. These medical experts use the laser light to stimulates the follicle and reactivate hair cells after the surgery.

MEp90 Laser Treatment

MEp90 Laser Hair Treatment Review

The MEP-90 is a hooded laser that looks like a giant hood hairdryer. It has 82 laser light diodes completely covering the scalp with light during therapy. The MEp90 meets the same FDA laser safety code as lasers employed in Lasik surgery or laser pain therapy. The laser light is absorbed by hair cells, which repairs the hair follicles and encourages regrowth. Note that the MEP-90 laser is the only FDA approved medical laser for hair loss treatment. In Dallas, Nu Hair of Texas has been using laser hair restoration therapy with great success to get new hair growth.

MEP90 Laser Hair Growth Therapy Treatment Laser To Stop Hair Loss in Dallas DFW Texas
Laser Hair Therapy hair restoration for hair regrowth in Dallas DFW Texas

*Our Dallas Super Mom but asked us to conceal her face with a mask. Dallas laser hair therapy MEp-90 before and after photos. 

Laser Hair Growth Results - Dallas, Texas

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*Photos of laser hair therapy hair regrowth results for men and women’s hair loss.

"I decided to do the laser hair therapy at Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas. I signed up for the one-year program. They always accommodated my schedule. I joined in March, and by August my hair looked healthy and with more density. I used to think of myself as a wilting flower, but now I feel my hair is healthier than ever."

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Do lasers really regrow hair?

Laser light therapy (LLT) is safe and effective for all skin types and all hair types. The sooner you start the healing process; the better chance is for hair regrowth. The science behind this hair follicular rejuvenating technology operates the same way for every person, regardless of age, race, or gender.

Laser hair regrowth treatment depends on whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe type of hair loss. Those who are experiencing hair thinning but still have “active” live hair follicle cells are the best candidates for laser hair therapy.

*Note that no amount of laser light treatments will revive the hair back to life to produce hair again once there is complete baldness of the scalp.

The right candidate for laser hair therapy

Having advanced hair loss does not mean you have run out of treatment options. Our hair restoration specialist can narrow down treatment possibilities to the most appropriate options for you and your lifestyle. You may be the right candidate for laser hair therapy if:

  • Your hair loss has not been more than five years
  • The bald area is less than 10 cm (4 inches) across
  • Hair loss is mainly at the top of the head
  • The bald area has lots of tiny, beautiful new hair

Hair loss to hair re growth Results of MEP-90

Laser hair growth treatments take time to work. Getting this hair growth treatment takes only 15 to 20 minutes per session. Laser light therapy proved to help hair growth, especially in early ​intervention with men & women experiencing thinning hair. Sometimes a combination of treatments will include laser light therapy and unique lotion application on the scalp and vitamins to enhance hair growth.

Success with laser therapy in treating hair loss and seeing measurable new hair growth results requires a few months of use. Like hair transplant surgery, it often takes 3 to 6 months for the hair to show significant effects after you start treatment. More noticeable is that laser therapy helps control the process of losing more hair.

Today, laser hair growth therapy or hair transplant is not covered by insurance due to being used for cosmetic purposes.

FDA pre-approved these clinical tests with oversight.

DFW Laser hair therapy treatment shows new hair growth benefits for hair loss patients. FDA study test results.

  • Each subject received a total of 36 20-minute treatments over 18 wks.
  • Staff reviewed results at 10-weeks (20 treatments) and 18-weeks (36 treatments) levels
  • After 20 treatments (10 weeks), 92% of subjects had increased hair counts of >+10%, with 57% demonstrating an increase of 30%.
  • 98% of subjects indicated a medically-significant stabilization of the rate of hair loss.
  • After 36 treatments, 97% of subjects had an increased hair count of >+ 20%.
  • A total of 89% of all patients demonstrated an elevated hair count of >+30%, with 57% showing an increased>+50% hair count. 

The MEP-90 Laser Hair Restoration 3 Phase Results

  • After 20 treatments, 92% of the patients showed an increased hair count of a minimum of 10%, with 60% having a minimum of 30% increase in hair.​ 
  • Phase 2: (After 36 treatments), 96% of patients presented a hair count of at least 20%, with 88% having an increased minimum of 30% more hair.
  • Phase 3: (After 52 treatments), 97% of patients presented an increased hair count of a minimum of 20%, with 77% having a minimum increase of 51% more hair.​

Finally, MEP 90 laser hair therapy device is proven in clinical studies to promote measurable new hair growth. The clinical evidence provides mathematical certainty, and that results attained are not by chance. How much does laser hair growth treatment cost?

What is the cost of laser hair therapy for hair loss? Purchasing an at-home laser hair growth device, such as the iRestore helmet, provides an affordable price of $600 to $1000. The cost of in-clinic use of the FDA approved MEp90 medical laser treatment varies considerably. It has 82 laser light diodes completely covering the scalp with light during therapy. In general, it will cost between $2,800 and $5,200. At Nu Hair of Texas, the laser hair therapy program using the MEp90 medical laser starts at $3,950 for the entire 12 months of treatments. A six months program is around $2,800. 

Embrace a day of hiking in nature trails. Revel in friendly competition during a sports match. Feel the wind in your hair as you canter on horseback across the hillside. Savor the romance as you sit down to dinner, and your hair is in style. Get your hair restoration without hair transplant surgery.

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