Hair Transplant Follicular Technique

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Texas Hair Transplants Techniques

As consumer’s appetite for surgical hair transplants procedures grows in the exploding cosmetic industry, the need for hair transplants information and education is essential. 

About Follicular Hair Transplants DFW TX

For years, cosmetic surgeons obtained donor hair using a linear incision. Today, in Texas hair transplants circles, there is a buzz about follicular unit use in hair transplantation. A follicular unit is a group of 1 to 3 hair that grows naturally together, including glands, muscle, nerves, and blood vessels. Today, many use the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)method. It is a new method of obtaining donor hair for transplantation where individual hair units move from one area, the donor area, using only 1 mm circular incision size, and then inserted directly in the balding area. 

African American Man Hair Replacement Dallas TX
African American Man Hir Replacement Dallas TX

*Photos shown are of non-medical hair replacement systems for men, not hair transplants.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 

Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT uses a hair transplantation act of implanting single hair into the balding area, after it was plucked and dissected from a strip. In Texas hair transplants lingo, the name is referring to the method the follicular grafts move as a strip harvesting and dissection vs. direct extraction and implantation. Strip harvesting a piece of skin and hair approximately 10 to 20 cm long is removed from the donor area (back of the head below the ears) and is then divided and cut into follicular units under a microscope.

FUE Hair Transplant Scaring

FUE does not leave a linear scar but instead small incisions. Therefore, patients who want to wear their hair very short and those who have a very tight scalp use this method. There is a shorter healing time since the incisions are so small. When a limited number of grafts are needed damage may occur due to the large but small incisions to extract the hair follicles. Another problem may arise when the epidermis and upper dermis may separate from the rest of the follicle during the pluck incision, called “capping.”  The consequence is a second incision used for a new follicle.

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Follicular Technique - Texas Hair Transplants

FUE is less efficient in harvesting hair since it is the movement of hair from several areas of the donor areas. In FUT, the strip is taken from the optimal section of the donor region so all the hair in this area can be removed and transplanted at once. In FUE, while hair is extracted, the skin between the follicular units is not removed. Therefore, the hair transplants surgeon must leave enough hair in the area to cover the remaining donor scalp. Consequently, there is considerably less total donor hair available. The surgeon may harvest hair from the upper and lower margins of the primary donor area and risk the hair being of poor quality or being non-permanent. In FUE small hundreds or thousands of scars are left open to heal. This scarring distorts adjacent follicular units and makes subsequent sessions more complicated, this limits future donor supply.

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