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We review hair systems, toupees, hairpieces in Dallas, TX. Treating men’s hair loss is expected with a nonsurgical hair replacement system, surgical hair transplant, or medication—Nu Hair of Texas BEST hair replacement guide on hairpieces and hair systems for men’s hair loss.

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Hair systems for men review

What hair replacement is the best choice for you? How much does a men’s hair system cost? Should I get a stock hairpiece or a custom hair system? How long does a men’s toupee last? Shop for hair systems for men with top-quality hair and undetectable hairlines for a truly realistic look. Highlights review about hair systems, hairpieces usage points, and more:

  • Look for a hairline that is natural and untraceable
  • Material is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable
  • Own at least two hair systems
  • Use professional experts for deep cleaning and reconditioning your hair addition
  • Shower regularly and shampoo your unit per expert’s instructions
  • Use shampoo and conditioner designed especially for your hair systems
  • Avoid hot dryer. Use a cool setting or air dry for styling. 
  • Avoid chlorinated water, which dries any hair, or use a swimming cap to protect the hair color
  • Enjoy swimming and exercise activities
  • Enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that your hair system is secure
  • Use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent friction and hair tangling
  • Remember, it is a non-surgical procedure and can be reversible

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*Photos are our Transitions members’ results using non-surgical hair replacement systems for men with hair loss.

"I'm back to my outgoing self. Getting my hair back helped me improve my outlook on life. It was more than just the hair. When you start taking care of yourself, start enjoying outside activities, you realize that life is pretty awesome."

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What are hair systems, toupees, hairpieces?

Hair replacement systems for men are also called toupees for men, men’s wigs, hairpieces, men’s hair extensions hair integration. All are hair addition to cover men’s hair loss or balding area. According to Nu Hair of Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth hair replacement specialist, the word toupee is often misused in the description of a modern hairpiece. 

Many hairpieces are pre-manufactured, inexpensive, and readily available online. Many people try off the ready-made shelf hairpiece to substitute for a custom hair replacement system. The reasons could be financial or the lack of education on the availability of better alternatives.

What is the difference between a toupee and a hair system?

The key difference here is in the name and the process. A toupee is another name that evolved from a male wig that’s been around for many years. In the 20th century, society started to emphasize the younger look in men and women. And hair additions to cover male baldness became popular. They were called toupees and were initially attached with tape. Their base was thick rigid plastic. A cloth was sewen to cover this base, and hair venting was used to loop the hair onto the fabric. Indeed, they were not natural looking and had the “toupee look.” You could spot them from far away. Byt they were highly durable. Indeed, they were extremely hot and uncomfortable.

The new hair systems strive to blend in with existing hair, making it impossible to differentiate with your hair underneath it. The new base is made of silicone or polyurethane or lace material. The best ones are airy and lightweight, virtually an invisible layer that breathes like skin.

Types of Hair Systems

Hair systems for men with the best rating

Nu Hair is a long-time expert in nonsurgical hair replacements for men’s baldness. Our new hair replacement system advantage has an entirely natural look and feels of actual growing hair. There is no wig, hairpiece look. The current custom hair system is scientifically developed thanks to 3D imaging and implanting hair technology. The hair system gives the most natural nonsurgical hair replacement product today.

Synthetic hairpiece 

Do you need human hair or synthetic hair? Pre-manufactured synthetic hairpieces, and wigs, are often too shiny and unnatural. Synthetic hairpieces are made with Kanekalon or other fiber to imitate natural human hair. Hairpiece base comes in a wide variety, such as polymer, monofilament lace, fabric, or nylon material. It is essential that the base feels light and airy. Furthermore, the frontal line should look like natural hair growing out. And the color of your natural hair and percentage of gray should be compatible too.

Human hairpiece 

Human hair is attached to a base in most cases implanted by hand. It is desirable to have tiny knots of hair venting possible. The bottom should feel and look like natural skin, breathable, and ultra-light. The frontal line is essential for the most natural look. The hair addition should be comfortable to wear day in and day out.

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Hair System cost

Custom human hair replacement 

The one size fits all claim is merely untrue. For a natural, comfortable, secure appearance, custom human hair prostheses provide the look desired. Although more expensive, the hair, fit, and look are well worth the investment. The replacement base will be with exact head template measurements. Hair color will duplicate yours, including a percentage of gray and highlight, wave, and texture. Many purchase two or more hair units to provide flexibility, styling options and prolong the hairpiece life.

How much does a men’s hair system cost?

As in wigs, hairpieces differ in cost, quality band by how much care they’ll need based on hair type. Do you want synthetic or natural human hair? Both can be matched to your hair color and styled to your taste. Handcrafted custom-made hairpieces are more expensive than a machine-made hairpiece, toupee. An expert professional will achieve the most natural look with a custom human hair system. How to attach a men’s hair system? 

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How long will your hair system last?

Predicting how long your hair system will last vary depending on the system’s make, use, and care. The base material and hair origin and how the hair was processed add to the equation. European hair is more fragile but looks more natural for Caucasians. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your hair system:

How does men’s hair system stay on? 

Generally, hair system tape is double-sided, allowing one side to stick to the base and the other to the scalp. Or a more permanent medical-grade adhesive is used. Best bonding to the scalp uses a medical-grade adhesive. Clean the hairpiece thoroughly and replace the bond every 3-4 weeks. Your scalp’s oily skin condition and how active your lifestyle is, affect the replacement schedule.

Best hair systems in Dallas-DFW

This year enjoy nature and outdoors with your full head of hair, with the Nu Hair system in Dallas, Texas. There is no more feeling of avoiding the outdoors. You get outside, possibly in places off-limits, you avoided before. Get a natural-looking, virtually invisible, custom hair replacement solution Texans love. Our consultants are clients, so they have indeed “been there” themselves.

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