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2021 Hair Loss Statistics, Facts & Data

2021 Statistics of Hair Loss In Men

Statistics estimate that approximately 66% of men have some level of thinning hair at age 35, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Even more significant is that 85% of men struggle with a significant level of hair loss by age 50. In addition, it can start as early as the teen years. Excessive baldness risk increases with age. Did you know that androgenetic alopecia cause 95% of hair loss in men? Another fact, today, combating hair loss is an estimated $1 billion-a-year industry. What is the data of women’s hair loss?

2021 Statistics & Data about hair loss in women

How many women lose their hair? Statistics estimate that approximately 40% of women have some level of thinning hair at age 40. Hair loss stats and facts show that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss in their 50’s. Also, in women, it is most likely after going through menopause. By age 60, roughly 80% of women see some degree of hair loss. And 55% of women struggle with a significant level of hair loss by age 80. According to the US Government, Androgenetic alopecia​, known as pattern baldness, is a frequent cause of hair falling in men and women. Also called female-pattern alopecia, it affects around 30 million women in the United States alone.

More hair loss facts DFW, TX

  • Hair loss is just as common in women as it is in men.
  • The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary thinning or baldness.
  • Baldness comes from both your mother and father’s genes
  • Diseases and medications can result in hair loss
  • Improper hair care can cause hair breakage and hair loss, such as perms, or coloring
  • Hairstyles that pull on the hair, as ponytails and braid may end in hair loss

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