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Nu Hair of Texas offers nonsurgical hair restoration treatments in Dallas-DFW since 1986. Our most popular hair system gives you the ability to quickly and conveniently get your full hair look back. Style your hair, go anywhere you want, and forget peers’ balding hair looks.

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*Photos shown are our hair restoration results of nonsurgical hair replacement, wigs, hair extension systems, and laser hair therapy.

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Nu Hair of Texas is a hair loss specialist in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our hair restoration specialists prioritize quality and genuinely personal service to find solutions for thinning hair, balding and damaged hair. We carefully consider your individual needs to get back your beautiful hair with the latest proven techniques. Clients love us! Top-rated hair restoration experts in Dallas.

Are you losing your hair? First, check with your family doctor. Second, see a dermatologist who will treat conditions such as skin infections that may cause hair loss. Meanwhile, you may need to see an endocrinologist for a metabolic evaluation of any hormone imbalance.

Wigs are the most common form of hair replacement, especially for those with total or substantial hair loss. Also, hair systems, hairpieces are ideal for coverage over a sizable bald area of the scalp. Notably, the FDA cleared MEp90 laser as a medical device for hair growth.  

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We understand that deciding which hair loss treatment & hair restoration procedure is complicated. Therefore, our goal is to help you make an educated decision in finding the hair loss solution that is best for you. After all, Nu Hair of Texas is a top hair replacement system provider and Transitions International Hair Restoration Group member.

"I feel like hair is the number one thing that makes me feel beautiful or not."


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Final Thought

A smart choice for a hair loss solution is the Nu Hair replacement system. Hair restoration without hair transplant surgery. Single hair grafts implants on feather-light base to simulate healthy hair follicles. It’s natural, comfortable, and great looking hair.

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At 29 years old, I truly wanted to be the best version of myself, and not worry about my scalp showing. I am active in the community and live a healthy lifestyle with lots of sports routine. Getting my hair back helped me improve my outlook on life. When you start taking care of yourself, you realize that life is pretty awesome.
Tony / Men's Hair Replacement
I feel like hair is the number one thing that makes me feel beautiful or not. However, if I have no hair, but my makeup's beautiful and I have a fabulous dress, I'm still not happy. So if I wake up, and I've got two big zits on my face, and my hair looks fierce, but I feel ok. Moreover, I have a weird hair obsession.
Cynthia / Human Hair Wig
I'm fortunate in the sense that my hair holds curl awesomely well. Most importantly, it looks the same at 10 P.M. as it does at 10 A.M. I'm from the South - so I like big hair. In other words, Nu Hair of Texas has the best African American wigs for women like me with hair loss.
Emma / African American Wig
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