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Haircare for healthy hair growth & prevent hair loss.

There are several ways to maintain healthy hair growth with optimal nutrition & good hair care. Improper hair care can be a factor in losing hair quality; hair falls out, and thinning hair shows up. Nu Hair’s expert in Dallas, Texas, advises consulting your doctor as you see excessive hair loss.

How to care for your hair for healthy hair growth?

Easy hair care starts with good natural products and good healthy living. For example, green tea and saw palmetto have demonstrated the therapeutic potential for hair loss treatment. 

Doctors recommend using proper natural hair care and healthy common sense habits to promote hair growth, keep hair beautiful, and prevent hair loss. Maintaining a nutritious, healthy diet, practicing good hygiene, and good hair styling is essential to robust hair growth. Natural hair loss prevention and treatments encompass a proper healthy diet, exercise, and good hair care techniques.

What Causes Dull, Dry, Brittle Hair?

Dermatologists say that hair loss can start with hair breakage, hair that is dry and brittle. Hair that looks frizzy and dry looks poor and damaged. The cause most may be due to using chemical dyes and permanents. The use of chemicals often, without a trained specialist, cause hair to dry out and brittle. Likewise, a hot blow dryer close to the hair is usually similar to sun damage to the skin. In addition, the harsh chemicals destroy the cuticle and leave hair wide open to injury, and consequently, hair falls out.

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Best Haircare tips to Increase Hair Growth & prevent hair loss

  • One of the most straightforward tips is using mild shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair and hair loss thin hair condition.
  • Avoid the use of the following: perms or hair straightening, bleaching, dyeing, hot curling irons, tight braiding, hair dryers set on a high setting. Indeed, get your hair treatment done by an experienced professional.
  • Avoid tight braiding and ponytails. The pull causes the hair follicles to become inflamed. It results in damage to the roots and usual permanent hair loss.
  • While shampooing your hair, use pads of your fingers, not fingernails on the scalp. 
  • Dry your hair naturally by patting it with a towel. If necessary, set your blow dryer in a cool setting. Let ends of the hair dry on their own to prevent hair ends from splitting or breaking.
  • A stiff bristle brush to detangle wet hair snap off hairs. Instead, use a brush with ball-tipped bristles. And use a wide-tooth comb for wet hair.
  • When combing out tangles, start from the ends of the hair and work your way up. Use a spray-on conditioner all over the hair. 
  • Choose a short hairstyle or a layered cut; it can make your hair look thicker.
  • The sun is just as damaging to hair as it is to the skin. Protect your hair while poolside or at the beach: with a good leave-in conditioner with sunscreen. And better use a hat.
  • After swimming, apply a quality clarifying shampoo whose main ingredient is E.D.T.A. The ingredient will neutralize the chlorine, preventing the swimmer’s green color. Chlorine dries hair and skin. Use a good conditioner with protein for a protective outer layer and repair split ends, and healthy hair look.

Haircare for Healthy Body & Beautiful Hair

  • Natural hair care tip also includes stress reduction. Use some form of meditation or other relaxation techniques if you are pulling your hair.
  • Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet with a proper amount of protein. Salmon and nuts are protein, and their omega-3 fats help create a healthier scalp.  
  • Vitamin B6, Zinc, and azelaic acid combined to inhibit the activity of 5-alpha-reductase and control excess dihydrotestosterone (D.H.T.).
  • Starvation and fad diets lead to brittle hair and hair loss. 
  • Get medical advice for any skin abnormalities on your scalp.
  • Hair can stretch up to 50% of its length while wet without breakage; however, while dry, the hair will break before it stretches 25% of its length. It is best to keep a wide-toothed comb within your shower to detangle & seal split-ends while using a low pH (3.5 to 5.5 acidic) conditioner.
  • Specific hairstyles & cuts make hair look lots better for thin-density hair. Short hair and a single length look their fullest.
  • Use conditions with polymers (look for polyvinylpyrrolidone on the label) for curly hair to make it manageable. Curly hair is more likely to break when a brush pulls the curls.

MEp90 laser hair therapy is hair regrowth treatment.

Are you suffering from hair thinning and hair loss? Laser hair therapy may be your hair regrowth solution. Laser treatments promote hair growth for longer, stronger hair strands and stop hair loss progression. MEp90 is a proven laser hair loss treatment for pattern hair loss thinning (Androgenetic Alopecia). Indeed, MEp90 laser hair therapy has received F.D.A. approval (Approved #K091496) as hair growth therapy & hair loss treatments. Most significant is the F.D.A. oversight of the MEp90 Laser Hair Therapy clinical trial. Each subject received 36 treatments at 20 minutes duration over 18 wks. Results were conducted at 10-weeks (20 treatments) and 18-weeks (36 treatments) levels. The collected clinical data shows the following:

  • After 20 treatments (10 weeks), 92% of subjects had increased hair counts of >+10%, with 57% showing an increase of 30%.
  • 98% of subjects showed significant stabilization of the rate of hair loss.
  • After 36 treatments, 97% of subjects had an increased hair count of >+ 20%. A total of 89% of all demonstrated an elevated hair count of >+30%, with 57% showing an increased hair count of >+50%.

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We invite you to schedule a private, no-obligation, and “no pressure” consultation at our North Dallas center.

Nu Hair of TX is a specialty hair replacement center for men and women’s hair loss. And it is located in Dallas, Texas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd.

Call 972-490-7766.

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