Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Best hair growth treatment for hair loss is laser MEp90 FDA-approved medical laser hair therapy for men & women’s hair loss, Dallas-DFW, TX.

Best Laser Hair Growth Treatment Hair Loss Product Dallas, Texas

Laser Hair Growth Treatment Technology

What is the best treatment for hair growth? MEp90 Laser hair growth treatment for hair loss is FDA-approved medical laser therapy. MEp90 laser stimulates hair growth for women & men’s hair loss and improves hair density. The medical MEP90 laser device can heal dormant hair follicles and regrow hair without hair transplant surgeries. Dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons use laser therapy. After a hair transplant procedure, many doctors use the MEp90 laser to heal the transplanted hair roots. 

Does MEp90 Laser Treatment for Hair Loss work?

  • MEp90 is the best growth treatment for thin hair.
  • Best hair growth product to start with for hair loss in women
  • Laser treatments are best if started in the beginning stages of alopecia.
  • MEp90 laser therapy helps slow down and reverse the hair thinning process
  • The laser helps hair look thick and healthy
  • Best natural hair growth treatments without side effects
  • MEp90 hair growth treatments for hair loss have significant research behind them

Treatment Studies of MEp90 Laser Hair Growth Device

Laser hair restoration with MEP90 laser is an effective hair growth treatment for some types of alopecia. Clinical studies show that these laser hair growth treatments stop hair loss and regrow hair without surgery using MEp90 laser. The FDA approved the MEp90 laser device as hair therapy for hair loss. The MEp90 uses low-level laser light technology to restore hair growth. Each session of treatment takes about 20 minutes every other day. Laser therapy is non-invasive, safe, and clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller hair with consistent use. Nu Hair in Dallas, Fort Worth, offers this medical laser hair loss treatment using the MEp90 FDA-cleared medical laser device.

MEP90 Laser Hair Growth Therapy Treatment To Stop Hair Loss in Dallas DFW Texas

*Photos of Transitions members & Nu Hair of TX laser hair therapy hair growth results with MEp90 laser.

Laser Restores Hair Growth

The laser hair therapy cosmetic non-surgical treatments utilize a device containing low-level therapeutic lasers. Safely and efficiently cold low laser light therapy help in healthier, softer, and thicker-looking hair growth in place of thin, delicate, damaged hair. They are known as “cold” lasers or low-light-level lasers (LLLL) treatments. Low-level laser energy repair and rehabilitate damaged and dormant hair follicles. As a result, it helps stimulate new hair growth and helps to stop excessive hair loss. 

MEp90 Hair Growth treatment Clinical Studies Results

After six months of treatments, 80 percent of female pattern hair loss patients saw increased hair density. And nearly all patients report that shedding has completely stopped.

  • After 36 treatments, 97% of the patients demonstrated an increased hair count of 20%.
  • A total of 89% of all subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of 30%. 57% showing an increased hair count of 50%.
  • 87% of the people indicated the treatments had helped their condition
  • 60% reporting their loss rate has further slowed down in 10 weeks
  • 65% said their visible area of the alopecia (bald spot) had gotten smaller.
  • 100% of the linear trend plotting for all subjects of their Initial, 10-Week, and 18-Week hair counts demonstrated a historical rate of increased hair growth.
  • No subject experienced an adverse effect from the treatments. 

Note that the hair shaft root dies once the scalp has complete baldness. No amount of laser light will revive the hair shaft back to life. Like other treatments (such as Propecia and Minoxidil), some patients tend to respond better than others. In general, it seems that patients who ‘have more hair’ (in the early stages of hair loss) tend to have better results.

DFW Hair Loss Treatment Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Hair Dallas Texas Hair Restoration Specialist

Medical Laser Hair Growth Treatment At Work

A moveable hood of the laser machined contains the cold laser lights. We position the hood directly above the patient’s head. Patients sit while the staff lowers the hood, approximately 5-10 cm from the scalp. The focus of the lights is on the client’s hair follicles. The proximity of the laser to the patient’s scalp allows for minimal dispersion of the laser light energy. 

According to Dr. David P. Melamed, “based on the experience in my practice, 80 percent of patients with androgenetic hair loss report increased hair density after three to six months of treatments. Also, nearly all of my patients with telogen effluvium report complete cessation of shedding. The hair growth continues while patients who complete the entire year of LLLL will taper after 12 months. Most patients will require monthly follow-up laser hair treatments to maintain their results.”

Hair Transplant Surgeons Use Laser Treatments

“The laser hair loss treatments “seems to take follicles on their way to out and wakes them up,” says Barry DiBernardo, a plastic surgeon and laser expert in Montclair, New Jersey. “According to a recent study for the MEp90 laser light device, the FDA cleared Mep90 as a medical device to promote hair growth. It provides treatment for females with Ludwig and Savin Hair Loss Scale classifications I to II.

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