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The average cost of hair extensions Texas guide; What is the National average cost of hair extensions & Dallas-DFW hair costs & service rates. What consideration affects best choice and cost? The dollar out-of-pocket cost of hair extensions will vary depending on the type of hair extension you choose, the quality, amount, length of hair desired, and the application method costs. 

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What is the cost of hair extensions?

You are facing hair loss and looking into hair extensions to increase fuller density. How much do hair extensions cost in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas? What consideration affects hair extension cost?

  1. Hair extension type, the national average: the cost of clip-in hair extensions is similar, starting at $200, Fusion extensions prices start at $1,200 to $6000
  2. Human or synthetic hair price deferential 
  3. Hair quality rate
  4. Virgin or processed hair market price
  5. Regin of hair harvesting amount paid
  6. Hair density fee
  7. Hair length costs
  8. Extension attachment procedure costs

A significant element in cost is the hair, human or synthetic, virgin hair, or processed hair. Hair extensions range in price based on the type of hair. Hair type could be synthetic or human hair. If it is human hair, the choice is from virgin hair to processed hair. European hair is the best and most desired hair. Indeed, European hair costs a lot more than Indian or Asian hair. Another consideration is the amount of hair desired and the hair length. Other variables are the attachment procedures such as clip-in or glued-in fusion. Add-on extensions and hairpieces cost depend on the number of grams of hair and quality used in the process.

Average cost of hair extensions

Nationally, the clip-in begins at about $100 and can cost upwards of $350 – $400. You can get clip-in hair extensions at the lowest price point that average between $200 to $500. The national average cost of clip-in hair extensions is similar, starting at $200. You can quickly put on clip-ins yourself, and there is no application fee. Usually, the hair comes in as inferior quality hair. 

It gets expensive for attachment using sew-in extensions, and glued-in fusion extensions prices are between $1,200 up to $6,000 for a full-head of extra-long extensions. Maintenance cost over a year should consider any new hair as needed. For example, maintenance should consider adding new hair wefts as hair falls out, cutting costs, removing and reinstalling the hair plugs. And extension color, un-matting the hair fee, and reattached application cost.

Every hair salon and stylist has its value relating to their work input of the product. Hair cost gives it the baseline, and service rate drives the value up. You pay for the cost of the hair and a fee for the hair extension attachment. 

Cost of Service

USA Maintenance service rates

Service, attachment methods, and extensions maintenance fluctuate due to various factors that affect the hair extension process’s total cost. The national average cost of clip-in extensions is a modest $200 fee. In general, hair extensions can cost $60 to $300 for the hair only. A stylist’s rate of attaching can cost from $300 to $1,000 in addition to the expense of the hair. The average cost of only the hair ranges between $300 – $500 for non-permanent extensions such as halos or clip-ins. In comparison, permanent extensions are highly desirable, and price ranges for a full head of human hair extensions, between $1,200 – $6000 or more, including hair and attachments. High-end extensions may take up to 8 hours to complete. 

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Hair extensions cost in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas?

How much do hair extensions cost in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas? The cost for bonded hair extensions at a professional salon, typically cost around Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, is approximately $3,000. We find the average price around Texas is $2,600 for a hair extension procedure. Extension costs can range widely from $600 to $6,000. The hairstylist rate for hair cost and application varies. Their price quote may explain their years of expertise, type of hair extension, application choice, and wholesale discount rate. You pay for the cost of the hair and a fee for the hair extension attachment. And professionally attached method at a salon is a significant factor in the total price costs.

An example of one of the cheapest ways of permanent extension strands application is a weft hair application. The average cost of applying the weft hair extensions ranges between $175 – $600. Remember to add the salon-installation fee plus the hair’s hair cost to get a total price. For example, in a Dallas salon, the hair’s price starts at $270 per 120 per gram for a 16-inch length. Calculating the maintenance cost is about $175 per session every six weeks. The total of just the application cost of weft hair extensions over a year is over $1,800 per year. Add any new hair weft or replacement of a weft cost as needed to this calculation. 

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Permanent hair extensions costs

Permanent attachment rate samples

The average cost of Fusion extensions in Texas

Let’s take Fusion extension costs. Fusion extensions of the hair alone cost between $300 – $1000 per 120 grams. In one Dallas salon site, starting 16-inch length at 150 per gram is $465, just the hair price. In DFW, Texas, the price of 24 inches for $1,115 for only 200grams of hair. Add hair and the number of grams per plug size, and costs rise. 

Add the attachment, styling, and cut. For example, a Brazilian blowout for long hair is $300. Removal and reinstall add $300 for 8″ and up to $800 for the 24″. Extensions maintenance cost in Dallas $250/hour. Extension removal is $100/hour with a one-hour minimum. Consider adding a cut of the extension only at $100 plus and extension color at $250 plus. Follow-up appointments for removal, clean hair, and MicroLine applications are around $450. Often there is a cleanup fee for un matting the hair after a few months of wear. 

Add the application fee plus the hair cost of the hair to get the total out-of-pocket cost. At the initial visit, these hair extensions’ total cost can run upward of $6000, with an average of $3600.

Hair replacement Option

Hair replacement addition in Dallas, TX

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