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Nu Hair of Texas experts has been helping hair loss clients from the DFW area, including Allen Arlington Denton Frisco Plano McKinney Southlake Dallas Area, since 1986. Moreover, Dallas hair restoration specialist Marvin Friedman fully understands the effects of losing hair since he also suffered from a male pattern baldness condition. Further, hair loss can be highly upsetting for men, women, and children at any age.

  1. Heavy hair loss is when more than 125 hair per day is lost.
  2. Androgenetic alopecia, pattern hair loss, is the primary cause of hair falling out in men and women.
  3. Stress can cause noticeable hair loss.
  4. More than 30 diseases can cause hair loss.
  5. Eliminate any hairstyles that pull on the hair roots or dry and break the hair
  6. Reduce hairstyling with harsh chemicals and heat
  7. Try hair growth products.
  8. Improve proper intake of vitamins for hair growth

Hair Falling Out

Do you notice excess hair on your brush in the morning, or does the shower drain collect lots more hair than usual? How to distinguish from normal hair loss cycle to hair loss problem? Facing hair loss symptoms of thinning hair or baldness pose an array of questions. Rapid thinning of hair, is it male pattern baldness or hair fall due to disease such as alopecia areata? Why hair loss, why me? When should you seek a dermatologist or other medical doctor’s advice? There are so many answers to questions when it comes to hair loss.

Coming to terms with hair loss is only the first step. Second, come to an understanding and choose a solution. You will have to decide what action to take. It’s best to take a proactive approach as soon as you see accessive hair loss. The sooner, the better your chances are to prevent more hair loss.

Finding Hair Loss Solutions

Many hair loss treatments have been well-researched and tested. So, what helps thinning hair grow back? What medications do dermatologists prescribe as treatments to regrow hair? Subsequently, the first step is to check with your doctor why you are losing your hair. Hence, our doctor will assess your genetic history and present health condition through a physical exam and lab work. Then search for viable solutions to conceal your balding look.

There is a wide variety of hair loss products today. So, there is bound to be a solution for you. Our hair restoration clinic in DFW offers hair loss solutions from medical laser hair growth therapy to nonsurgical hair replacement and medical wigs.

You may want to consider the hair transplant surgery option. Take into consideration your age and the stage of your hair loss. Note that a hair transplant will not stop your hair fall progression.

With the advancement of medical research, several hair regrowth medications are on the market today. How effective are the hair growth results of Propecia & Rogaine drugs? You do have to continue taking these drugs, or your hair starts its hair loss process in entire progression. Yes, your hair will fall once you stop taking Propecia or Rogaine.

Female Hair Loss Replacement Graft Type of Hair Addition Dallas TX

What is the best thinning hair treatment?

After understanding treatment options, deciding on which hair loss treatment & hair restoration procedure is best for you is much more comfortable. Nu Hair of Texas is a hair loss treatment clinic serving Allen Arlington, Denton, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Southlake Dallas. To clarify, Nu Hair provides nonsurgical treatments and medical solutions for thinning hair loss or baldness in men, women, and children. Our medical director is a board-certified Texas medical doctor. Above all, our physician oversees our medical laser hair therapy MEP-90 for prescriptions and the use of treatments.

Nu Hair of Texas offers only proven hair loss treatment solutions for men, women, and children. We may recommend custom wigs for extensive hair loss. Also, the Nu Hair loss treatment center provides consumers with reliable hair loss information and the power to make informed decisions about their hair loss. Medical causes of hair loss include thyroid disease, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, stress physical or emotional stress, to name a few.

DFW Hair Loss Treatment Clinic

Our North Dallas hair restoration clinic is minutes from Allen Arlington, Denton, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Southlake Dallas. To sum it up, we offer medical laser hair therapy and non-medical hair replacement solutions. During your hair loss consultation, we will explain in detail your best hair loss options.

Let's Get Hair

We invite you to schedule a private, no-obligation, and “no pressure” consultation at our North Dallas center.

Nu Hair of TX is a specialty hair replacement center for men and women’s hair loss. And it is located in Dallas, Texas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd.

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