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Hair Stylist Job Dallas Salon

#1 BEST Hair Stylist Job in Dallas

Best hair stylist’s job in Dallas, Texas. Now hiring. Dallas Nu Hair salon will train hairstylists looking for a career specializing in hair replacement, hairpiece & wigs. Indeed, the hairstylist job is a fun beauty service work environment. For example, see our high-end salaries plus big tips. You easily apply and get hired in Dallas, TX.

Further, Nu Hair of TX is one of the nation’s first hair replacement centers in the country. To clarify, it’s a hair restoration specialty salon in north Dallas. We hire hairstylists with valid Texas cosmetology licensed. Employees work with people who suffer hair loss.

What Does a Hair Stylist Do? Salary, Required Skills, Training & License

The stylist’s work includes beauty services such as shampoo, color, and cutting hair. The stylist offers hair care and hairstyling consultations. For example, handle the salon’s clients with great care and use our hair styling products. Besides, stylists measure and customize hairpieces, wigs, and hair replacements for our hair loss patients.

Indeed, our salon’s hairstylists must have a valid Texas cosmetology license. Most importantly, as either a hairstylist, a barber, you have an opportunity to work and train as a hair restoration specialist. At the same time, you are getting a high salary.

Hairstylists say that the job is gratifying by helping people with hair loss, uses creativity and your various skills are in use every day.

Is it worth being hairstylist who specializes in hair restoration?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average hairstylist makes an annual salary of only $22,700, including reported tips. If you work 40 hours per week at our hair replacement speciality salon, you start at average salary of $37,400, not including tips and 401K match. And we train you! This specialty job allows for growth and steady money, not depending on how many clients are coming in. 


Firstly, a hair stylist’s salary varies based on the level and type of expertise, amount of experience, education, certifications. For example, pay is higher for hairstylists with the expertise to measure and customize hairpieces, wigs, and hair replacements for hair loss patients. Get high salary & training

  • Demonstrate your skills for a higher hourly wage
  • Meanwhile, there is a yearly earning raise for capable barber or hairstylist with capabilities of advanced styling and hair cutting
  • Furthermore, hairstylists work a full-time schedule. And some stylists work part-time hours

    Get high salary & training.



Most importantly, the hairstylist job entailed assisting with customizing wigs & hairpieces for hair loss patients. Besides, Nu Hair salon is a very upscale hair restoration salon. Similarly, we have an apprentice/associate program cosmetologist job. Therefore, you’ll get a hairstylist internship working with our clients and build a cosmetology career as a hair restoration specialist.

***Active Texas cosmetology license is a must!

Email your job resume for Dallas Hair Stylist. Indeed, we hire local beauticians hairdressers with talent. Certainly, hairstylists get your opportunity in the hair restoration career.  

Let's Get Hair

We invite you to schedule a private, no-obligation, and "no pressure" consultation at our North Dallas center. Nu Hair of TX is a specialty hair replacement center for men and women's hair loss. And it is located in Dallas, Texas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd.
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