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Hairpieces in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas. Dallas experts guide on hairpiece, toupee, hair system for hair loss in men women and children, and the use of hairpiece also called hair system hair replacement, toupee, hair integration; Find information on the best choice for hair in hairpieces; human hair or synthetic hair, coloring the hairpieces, repair, and hairpiece accessories: Should I get human hairpiece or synthetic hair toupee, ready made hairpiece or custom?

According to Nu Hair of Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth hair replacement specialist, the word toupee is often misused in the description of a modern hairpiece. It is true that many hairpieces are pre-manufactured, inexpensive and readily available at a verity of internet shops. Many people try off the ready made hairpiece as a substitute for custom hair replacement for financial reasons or due to the lack of education on the availability of better alternatives. 

Today there are many hair replacement choices for hair loss. Hair replacement professional that specialize in hair loss solutions should provide you with many answers and options, including professional styling services to keep you as the client looking the very best.

What is synthetic hairpiece?

Pre-manufactured synthetic hair piece or wigs are often too shiny and unnatural looking. Synthetic hair pieces are made with Kanekalon or other such  fiber, trying to imitate natural human hair. Hair piece base comes in a wide variety such as a polymer, monofilament lace, lace of fabric or nylon material and much more.
It is important the base feels and looks closest to your skin and the frontal line should look like natural hair growth to include front highlights the color of your natural hair and percentage of gray should be compatible too. 

Why most people shop for human hairpiece?

According to Dallas hairpiece and hair replacement specialist, to get a more natural hair replacement for the thinning area or complete bald area a more natural look will be achieved with the human hair piece. Human hair is attached to a base in most cases implanted by hand. It is desirable to have the smallest hair knots possible.  The base should feel and look like real skin, breathable and ultra light. The frontal line is important for most natural look. The hair piece should be comfortable to wear day in and day out.

The advantage of a custom human hair piece

The one size fit all claim is simply untrue. For a natural, comfortable, secure appearance a custom human hair piece or hair replacement prostheses provide a man or woman with hair loss, more options to achieve the look desired. Although more expensive, the hair, fit, and look are well worth the investment. The hair piece replacement unit is made with exact head template measurements. Hair color will duplicate yours including a percentage of gray and highlight, wave and texture. Many purchase two or more hair pieces at a time to provide them with flexibility, more styling options and prolong the hairpiece life. 
As in wigs, hairpieces differ in cost, quality and by how much care they'll need based on hair type. Do you want hair piece with synthetic or real human hair? Both can be matched to your own hair color and styled to your individual taste. Handmade custom-made hair pieces are more expensive than machine-made hairpiece, toupee. The most natural look will be achieved with custom human hair system by an expert professional.

What to look for in a hairpiece?

  • Natural looking front hairline of the hairpiece
  • Hair implanted by hand
  • Unseen knots from a close proximity to the hairpiece
  • Custom-made hair piece to your measurements, hair color, wave and texture, highlight and % gray content
  • Hair style as desired or short as you like
  • Hair piece should be light weight and comfortable.
  • Undetectable base
  • Light hair replacement base
  • Feels like real skin to sight and touch
  • Breathable hair piece
  • In most cases, light to medium hair density is more desirable for a natural look
  • Medium to heavy hair density if longevity is more important than look
  • What hair piece glue or type of bonding is recommended for you

Nu Hair of Texas specializes in hairpiece and hairpiece care in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. Marvin Friedman at Nu Hair says that it is important to note professionals who specialize in hair replacement offer many advantages unavailable at a conventional hair salon or wig retailer. A certified hair replacement professional such as Transitions Group expert can provide you with the latest in hairpieces replacement techniques, including the latest in human wigs or synthetic fiber hairpieces, and technology for ensuring that you look and feel normal. Transitions Group hair replacement professionals also provide private consulting and service rooms to ensure your comfort. SensiGraft® hair replacement is the newest nonsurgical hair replacement restoration solution for men. SensiGraft® hair replacement option is a safe alternative to hair transplant, micro-grafts surgical hair replacements, or chemicals medications.

Take the first step to a new you. Schedule your confidential hair loss evaluation today and check the new hairpiece and other hair replacement available today. Our consultants are also clients so they have truly “been there” themselves. Contact us and ask for your  FREE Hair Consultation!

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